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Download this PDF to better understand and manage ANXIETY
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This downloadable PDF is a twelve page resource to be used again and again as you improve your ability to manage anxiety and the related experience of fear. The psychoeducation pages explain in detail the function of anxiety and how it is related to fear, anxiety related words, triggers for anxiety, as well as anxiety related thought processes, body sensations, urges and behaviours. The following pages are a guided anxiety diary, to help you to understand and reflect on your anxiety, eventually helping you to manage your anxiety in real time.

This PDF is recommended to be used on a daily basis over the course of a month, or more if you prefer. After this time, you are likely to have internalised the diary process so that the helpful thought process for anxiety is now automatic for you.

This PDF is useful for adults and teenagers, and for children under the supervision and guidance of a responsible adult.

Enjoy! More emotions in this series are on the way!

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